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DIY Ohio Ornaments

How to make your own DIY Ohio ornaments


If you’re scrambling for a small but meaningful Christmas gift, here’s something for the Ohio-proud in your life. Here are three easy ornaments you can make that they’ll keep for years. Or make them for you to commemorate something big that happened this year.



DIY Scarlet & Grey Clay Key Ornament


What you need:


Air Dry Clay (I used Crayola)

Key to a first apartment / house


What you do:


Simply cut out any shape larger than the key that you want as a base. Then, press the key firmly into the clay (but not so hard as to press it through the bottom of your clay). I used a cake tester to help pry it out to avoid getting finger prints on the clay.

Let dry for the allotted amount of time. Paint if you’d like, or leave the clay color! It will look great either way.


DIY Wood Ohio Ornament


What you need:


Small birch wood circle ornament (found mine at JoAnn’s)

Ohio Stamp and red ink pad / Red Paint

Small paper heart


What you do:


To save money, I didn’t buy a stamp, but you can easily find one and do it that way. I printed and cut out the state of Ohio, traced it on the wooden circle, and then painted it red. Afterward, place the heart on the city of your choice! It’s that easy.


DIY Ohio State Map


What you need:


Air Dry Clay (I used Crayola)

Small map push pins

Ohio cookie cutter


What you do:


Use your cookie cutter to cut-out the state. Use a straw or another cylinder to make a hole for hanging. Simply place your pins where you’ve traveled in Ohio or the places that mean the most to you. Makes a great off-to-college gift so your kids will always remember home 🙂



If you have any other great DIY Ohio ornaments you’d like to share about, please comment below!


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