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Don’t Be the One Who Forgets!


This quite possibly could come as a total shock to you: CHRISTMAS IS DECEMBER 25th!

Snarkiness – it’s a dominant gene is my family.

Here’s the thing, we all love Christmas – the presents, the food, the presents, the time with family…and the presents, right?! But SO MANY of us wander through the year, never thinking about this, and when we realize during Thanksgiving dinner that Black Friday is here and Christmas is right behind it we panic…and nearly choke on Aunt Bethany’s wobbly green Jello. Then we rush out and spend like we’re in Congress! When January rolls around, we get physically ill opening the credit card statement because we knew we shouldn’t have spent so much.

Here are some alternative ideas:

How to do Christmas Right | Option 1

Start saving for Christmas…like NOW. Use that money that you save up between now and Black Friday and then really really enjoy walking around the stores in the middle of the night (If you need me I’ll be in bed…sleeping).

How to do Christmas Right | Option 2

Make this Christmas a game. See how much you can actually pay for Christmas without using a credit card. Use your points (finally), your rewards, think deep about how you can own the things you buy for others for Christmas. That could be your gift to YOU! The Christmas I always remember is the year my wife and I put a cap of $20 on our gifts for each other. The gifts were EPIC and we still have them! It was epic because we really had to think about making an impact.

My hope for you is that this year you don’t have to be stressed out and ill come January because you forgot about Christmas. Don’t be the one who forgets! Let me know what you think and how you’re planning on being smarter this Christmas.

-Greg Murray

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