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An Easy Easter Craft for Kids

Walk into any store the day after Valentine’s Day, and the aisles will be lined with pastel-colored Easter baskets, egg-shaped gumballs, and chocolate-covered bunnies. It can only mean one thing – Easter is coming!

But as a Christian, you know that Easter is more than bunnies and baskets and eggs. It’s about Jesus! And the fact that his death on the cross and resurrection from the grave means that all who believe in Him are promised eternity in Heaven.


So here is a fun craft to integrate an Easter tradition in with the true meaning of the holiday!


Easter Egg Shell Cross Mosaic


1. Start saving your egg shells. I know, kind of random! But you’ve gotta do it if you want to do this craft. Just rinse your eggs shells once you’ve cracked and used them, then put them in a Ziploc bag or plastic container. Usually about a dozen eggs will make 4 crosses.

2. Once you have enough shells, it’s time to crush them up. This is a fun time to get the kiddos involved – stick the egg shells in a plastic bag and let them smash them up into tiny pieces with a rolling pin or plastic hammer. (You will want to make sure the pieces aren’t smashed too small, so just monitor this process.)

3. Put your egg shells in a fine strainer and rinse them one more time.

4. Make your dye. You can either purchase a dye kit or you can make your own with hot water, white vinegar, & food coloring (Instructions to make your own dye here).

5. Drop the egg shells in your dye color of choice and stir occasionally, until your desired color has been reached.

6. Scoop the shells out and lay them on a paper towel to dry overnight.

7. Print out or draw a cross.

8. Have the kids add glue to the cross, sections at a time. Add the broken egg shell pieces. Once the cross is filled in, the kids can fill in the rest of the page with the leftover egg shells.


Does your family have any fun traditions for celebrating Easter? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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