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Fall in Love With Your “Who”

You must first fall in love with your WHO.


If you are called into ministry, usually you get all excited about all of the things you are going to accomplish, the numbers of people you are going to reach, the places you’ll go, the people you’ll rub shoulders with and the things you’ll be able to share with them.

However, if you have your eye and focus on the “what” instead of the “who”, it’s not going to work out and you’ll probably give up when it gets tough or things don’t end up like you thought they would.



When Jesus was in the garden the night before his death…he was definitely on the struggle bus.  He was BEGGING God to take the intense cup of suffering from him.  He didn’t want to go through that type of pain, I mean who would?   Who really cared enough about him anyway for him to go through it?  Look at even his closest friends – they wouldn’t stay up one measly night to pray for him just hours before his death.  However, something happened between the time of him sweating drops of blood and crying out for deliverance…to somehow, someway he was able to focus on the “Joy that was set before him and then he endured the cross.”  In that silent stretch of time, God must have showed him something pretty powerful that took his gaze off of the pain and onto the reason and end result that laid on the other side of that horrific experience.

That reward, that joy, was us!

Jesus found his “who”…He found His Love…and that is what enabled him to carry on through the “what” that he decided to go through with.


If we don’t first have LOVE for the “Who’s” in life, then we most definitely won’t be willing to go through whatever it takes to reach them, to minister to them, to deny ourselves in order to see them find freedom and life!

The truth is, is that Love Compels You – like nothing else will – to go do things you never would have ever imagined doing.  Love causes you to give up things, work for things, accomplish, dream and go after things you never would have ever imagined going after.

So, instead of looking at “what” you want to accomplish in life…fall in love with the “Who” you are doing it for.   In doing that, you’ll have the staying power of compassion and love that will keep you strong and focused even on the most challenging of days.

~You are loved

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