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Get a Raise Just by Reading This

Now before you think I’ve become some philanthropic guy who’s gonna start passing out cash…sorry, not gonna happen.

By telling your money what to do.

Here’s the thing.

We ALL waste money, I do it, you do it… We don’t mean to, but that’s because we don’t keep track of it. How much did you spend going out to dinner last month? Back to school stuff for the kiddos? That paint for the bathroom when you finally decided to paint it?

When you have A PLAN for your money, YOU get to decide how to spend it. And when you keep track of your spending, you might feel like you got a raise because now you’re being intentional about how you spend. This plan…can be both very easy and very difficult to pull off. Easy because you probably know how much you make…very difficult because you may not have the slightest idea how much you’re spending and where.

Sit down, take a look and start on your PLAN…YOU get to spend YOUR money the way you want to. It’ll feel like you got a raise.

-Greg Murray

Facebook: GregAtTheRiver         Twitter: @MurrVox


BTW – Notice that nowhere, until now, does the word “budget” show up…but that’s what you’re doing, and there are tons of apps – like Mint and Dave Ramsey’s EveryDollar that will help you with your plan.


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