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Halloween Candy Bark

Sometimes I don’t want to bake a pie.

Actually, I rarely want to bake a pie. Although the payoff is delicious, I simply do not have the time or energy to carefully craft an artistic crust nor do I want to stock my kitchen with spices that I will only use once a year.

Do not hear me wrong. I love pie. If you want to make me a pie, I promise…It will be eaten.

Yet, I often find myself being invited to festive fall parties or wanting to bring a sweet treat into the work place that represents this beautiful season and all its flavors.

I decided to do some research for us.

Upon scrolling through countless beautiful Julia Child inspired recipes and salivating at the images of gourmet breads and sweets…I was left frustrated and hungry. Suddenly, a miracle flashed across my screen. A delicious treat, honoring the festivities of the season, and all the while blessing me with a simplicity that my impatient soul wanted to hug.

Halloween Candy Bark.

Bless it!

This party ready treat can be whipped together in minutes, will impress the greatest of the Autumn obsessed and will even diminish that candy stack we all have hidden away in cloaked corners and undisclosed cabinets.

Candy corn, reeses cups, M&Ms, it’s all there. Another perk to this treat? The recipe is flexible. No more going to the store to make sure you have just the right ingredients. Whatever candy you have in that undisclosed cabinet, plop it right on top. The kiddos will love making this with you. What a great way to get rid of some of that extra candy left after the holiday weekend as well!

Now strut that bark proudly to that next party, work meeting, or school function knowing full well fall has just arrived on a plate.

Halloween Candy Bark Recipe


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