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How Much Mulch Do I Need? Tips from Dill’s Greenhouse

“How Much Mulch Do I Need?” It’s a common question that Dill’s Greenhouse gets asked a lot. You may have changed flower beds around or moved into a new place. Or maybe you’ve over-bought or under-bought mulch in years past. Thanks to the good people at Dill’s, they’ve got an easy solution to figure it out:


How much mulch do I need?

Use the Length of area (in feet) times width of area (in feet) divided by 10 = quantity of 2 cubic foot bags of mulch you need (based on 2″ depth).

So in other words, LENGTH x WIDTH / 10 = # of mulch bags.

One 2 cubic foot bag of mulch covers about 10 square feet if spread 2″ deep.


Then you’ve got to factor in what kind you actually want to buy. Check out these selections from Dill’s and what each type of mulch has to offer:


What kind of mulch do I need?

Hardwood Mulch spreads across your flower beds really easy and has a long lifespan. If you don’t mind me getting all scientific for a second, when hardwood mulch breaks down, it releases a lot of alkaline into the soil. Best way to counteract is to add some acidic fertilizer if you have acid-loving plants.

Fine Hardwood Mulch is great for sloping areas, as it holds in place pretty well and won’t wash away easily. This type of mulch helps keep water in, keep weeds down, and provide much needed nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

Cypress Mulch is a stunner for many houses and is chosen widely for its aesthetic appeal. It’s great at keeping the weeds away, gives off a “cedary” smell, and keeps its place in the rain.

Pine Bark Mulch doesn’t lose its color as much as other bark types, which can be helpful when you’re hoping to keep it around a while! It can float a little in the rain, but the appeal of the “natural” look can’t be beat.

Cedar Mulch takes a few years to break down which is great for longevity. You’ll want Cedar mulch when you have some larger plants, bushes, and trees in your landscaping mix. It can be a more pricey option that others. But if high quality and a stand-out look are what you want, it’ll be worth the price.


If you didn’t get your “how much mulch do I need” question answered here, ask the good people at Dill’s Greenhouse. Stop in or call  614-836-3700.


Happy mulching!




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