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If You’re Afraid of Missing It

I’ve been sitting on Amazon for an hour comparing duffel bags.

I have 14 tabs open and nothing in my cart.


And that’s me trying to make a small decision.

I cringe at big ones.


When there is a clear right and wrong, I do pretty well.

But most of life isn’t laid out in black and white.

Questions come up and decisions have to be made where there is no right or wrong answer.


And that’s my least favorite kind.

That’s usually when I sit there pleading with God to give me a hint.


Surely there’s a choice he actually wants me to make?


Every decision seems like it could set the trajectory for my entire life and what if I missed it?


What if I miss what God has for me?


Last week someone shared a picture that resonated with everything I wanted to write here, and it went something like this:



God is a good Father.

A good father doesn’t take you to the store and then make you wander around guessing what he wants you to pick.


He says, “Hey, I told you I’d get you a bike for your birthday. Let’s go pick one out.”

And he takes you to the bike section and eyes up the 20 or so bikes there, and says, “Ok, these 3 are the right size and fit for you – which one do you like?


You mean… there isn’t just one right answer?


We worry about missing a step in the plan, but what if it was really this:

God has a purpose for your life, not a plan.



It’s not a step-by-step we have to be afraid to mess up. It’s a purpose we get to be active in.

God’s view is always bigger than ours. While I’m freaking out about what path to take, his only concern is that we’re going up the mountain—and both paths get there. Would I like to walk by the lake or through this field on our way?


The blue bike or the purple bike. The lake or the field. His blessing is over both.

Doesn’t that just make you breathe a little easier?


I want to change my mindset when it comes to questions.

I don’t want to walk like I’m taking a test.

I want to walk like a little kid next to their dad.


Little kids never question that their Daddy has their best interests in mind. They always assume that he knows what he’s doing. Nobody runs around with such freedom or gets set back on track as often as a little kid. And nobody enjoys it more.


That’s what I want to remember – to live like a child of God. That’s what I want you to remember too, next time you’re standing in front of 3 bikes or jobs or people.

Nobody knows you like Father does. And nobody wants to bless you as much as he does.

Nobody is more for you than Father is.


When Father says he has plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE… trust him. If anyone is fully capable of covering for you, it’s Father God.


You have to trust his ability to lead more than your ability to follow.


So next time he smiles and asks what you would like?


Don’t be afraid. Choose your bike.


He’s not the kind of Father that lets you miss it.


Because in the end it’s not about your ability to miss it.

It’s about the fact that God never misses. And his grinning promise?


His goodness is out to get you.


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