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Important Race Day Running Tips


marathon-5k-race-running-tipsIf you are training for a race you may want to consider these suggestions that have helped me in the past. Bookmark this page so that you can look at it again the week of your race.


The night before your race…

Bed time is tough because you’re stressing about getting to bed, not missing your alarm(s) and feeling refreshed for the morning.  I suggest getting bed super early, like 2 hours before you plan to fall asleep.

Melatonin is a natural sleep aid and has helped me.  Try taking it 2 hours before you plan on falling asleep.


The morning of your race…

You can avoid traffic issues by arriving EARLY and then chilling out.  There’s nothing worse than stressing out about traffic or parking.  If corrals open at 6am and the race starts at 7:30am I’m parked and chilling out by 5:15am.


Right before your race…

The goal is to start out with your emotions in check.  Most races have DJs and uptempo music to get you pumped.  Unless you’re running a 5K or a fast-paced half marathon you almost have to block out the energy around you.  I sit.  I watch people.  I practice breathing in through my nose and out of my mouth.  I’ve learned, with some practice, to chill out and control my emotions.


If your goal is to run strong and consistent miles you must know the race course.  You should either drive the course the week before or look online at the elevation difference.  Know where the hills are so that you can attack the hills.


Mile after mile check your posture and your breathing if you want to maintain strong and consistent miles.


I hope these race tips make a difference at your next race.


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