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Introducing Real People, Like Us

Dear you,

Introductions are hard.

I’m actually not even sure I really believe in them.

Swapping facts, small talk—that never made me feel known.


I don’t remember the first time I met most of my dearest friends. I don’t think I actually believed many of them would be my close friends, just from the introduction.


But all that changed when I saw their soul — when I met the real, eternal person in a soul-stretching, everyday, world-shattering moment. I changed in those moments. And I remember.


I remember the first time I caught a new friend crying in the hall and stood there awkwardly, and she didn’t turn away.

I remember the first time my college roommate knocked on my door late at night because she knew I would listen.

I remember the first time I travelled with friends and they risked missing our flight because they wouldn’t let me miss what I came to see.


These are the moments I really met them.

The times I saw their souls.

And I couldn’t walk away the same, though at the time, I maybe didn’t notice how much it really changed me.


These are the moments I want to write about. Those moments where, in the middle of our everyday lives, we see the souls of people, the glimmers of eternity under the ordinary, the reminders and reflections of who God is and who we are.

Because “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal,” as Lewis said. Those words changed how I viewed everything.

They’ve changed how I view writing to you.

I will probably never actually meet you.

But I know some things about you already.

That you are a beautiful soul, an eternal splendor, a reflection of the love of God walking and living and unknowingly bearing more glory than you notice.


I want to notice.

I want to notice you when I pass you in the grocery store, because you smiled when you didn’t have to.

I want to notice you when I see you struggling with a rambunctious child in public and I silently applaud your courage and your gentleness, in front of all these eyes.

I want to notice you when you treat yourself to that coffee or call your friend in the car and end up being late to your appointment because you were caring for your soul and the souls of those around you instead of for your calendar.

I want to tell your stories here. So I’m going to start by telling mine.


I’m going to start watching for your moments. The moments that the eternal you peeks through all the everyday ways that you live. It rocks my soul. And I don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want you to miss it either.

Writing a blog is new for me. Come back again? Tell me your stories. Share your thoughts. I want to be in this with you.

And if you notice someone, if you see a bit of their soul in your everyday life – tell them.

We all just want to be known.


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