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It fills me up, every day.


Behind the encouraging music and God-filled stories you hear on The River, there’s a community of people who hand-in-hand are making it possible. I’m not talking about the DJ’s On Air; I’m not talking about the CEO. I’m speaking of our family of Difference Makers across Central Ohio and beyond who continue to share just how God has changed their lives by speaking to them through a song played, encouraging them to push through a hard time, or walking alongside a friend who needs encouragement. One by one, you are changing the way people are thinking, feeling, and living by sharing what God has in store for anyone who wants to proclaim it.

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It fills me up every day. It brings me such peace. I just love it. Everyone always says the world is a horrible place, but there’s so many people out there praying. There’s such a huge movement of Christians that people forget about… but this is our reminder.

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Joey- Sibling (2)

Joey with his brother and sister

We have been comforted by God’s grace since losing our son [Joey] in Afghanistan. We see God is working in this. We don’t ask why – we just pray to God asking how He can use that. The River has been so inspirational and comforting with the songs they play. Wherever we go we have it on.



Through these stories, we hope you’ll hear the ministry of what makes The River. We hope you’ll be encouraged by what other Difference Makers are receiving from God’s grace and healing by these songs of praise and redemption. Ultimately, we hope you hear “thank you” for partnering with us to make our River family feel connected and loved. One by one.

This spring, consider partnering with The River as prayer warriors. Spread the word to any who could use encouragement, because, as you know, God has a message for those who will listen – at just the right moment. Together is the only way we break boundaries, grow, and accomplish, and we are blessed that you walk alongside us. Thank you for being in The River Family.

Let’s continue to make differences in lives of those that are calling out for God’s presence, and even in those that don’t know they need Him yet.

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