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I’ve Got A Secret To Tell You!


I’ve got a secret to tell you:

 I Don’t Wanna Grow Up!

Some days, I don’t want to be all grown up.  Some days, I just want to be a little kid again, without all the big-person responsibilities. I wish I could go back to being that 6 year old, little blonde-headed girl; the one that always had an ornery gleam in her eye and something up her sleeve that would always get her into trouble.

Believe it or not, my husband still sees that ornery gleam – and when he does he immediately asks what I’m up to.  He’s learned that I have kept the secret of being child-like close to my heart, and that sometimes I’ve just got to let that secret out!


And get this; for some odd reason, God likes it too!

There are many references to children in scripture including Matthew 18:3, where Jesus says that He wants us to become like a little children.  He says when we do, we’ll be able to comprehend, receive and enjoy all of the incredible things that heaven has to offer us.

Here are a few reasons I think God loves children so much:

  • A child laughs a lot (on average 400x a day, adults only 15x a day).
  • A child is innocent and trusting.
  • A child believes what they are told.
  • A child gets lost and enjoys life in the moment without worry.
  • A child is humble.
  • A child is content with the little things.
  • A child has the faith to move mountains.
  • A child finds wonder in most everything.
  • A child isn’t afraid to ask questions.
  • A child takes God’s word to heart in all its simplicity.
  • A child loves without reflecting on reasons why they shouldn’t.
  • A child’s heart is open to simply being loved.

As we begin to let go and become more like a child, then we are more easily able to embrace who He is, what He has for us, and how He wants us to love others freely and without reservation.  As a child we don’t become weighed down with worry, we trust that He is working things out for us, and that He doesn’t mind when we come to Him with a lot of questions.  We can run to Him with anything that is bothering us, and it won’t bother Him at all.

I’m so thankful that the secret is finally out!  Now I don’t have to apologize for loving to laugh at the silliest things, and having a quirky sense of humor, because in the end, It’s God’s fault – He made me that way.  So with that said, who’s down for a game of freeze tag or sharing the latest funny dumb-blonde joke?

How are YOU enjoying life being like a child?  Share your favorite thing below!

Remember – YOU are SO Loved!

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