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Stretching is Just as Important as Exercise


I’ll be the first to admit I loathe stretching. I’m the girl who will leave the workout class as soon as stretching begins or turn off my exercise DVD when that time hits. I would rather run another lap or even do a couple extra burpees than stretch (the horror, I know!)


But as I get older and as all the working out takes its toll on my body, I’ve come to realize that stretching is not only important – it’s a necessity. A friend of mine at work just started stretching every day for about ten minutes wherever she can. Sometimes it’s in the break room, sometimes at home watching Netflix…even doing neck rolls at a traffic light. Not only has her posture gotten better, but her anxiety levels have actually gone down. Now when she gets stressed, she stretches and breathes deeply!


In case you’re still not convinced that you should stretch TODAY, here are some other reasons to get you motivated:


Make Your Body Healthier

Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion

It lengthens tight muscles that get compressed when your body stays in the same position all day (like sitting at a desk at our computers with hunched shoulders)

Your performance at the gym and in sports may increase

Stretching can help prevent activity-based injuries

It increases the blood and nutrient supply to your muscles and can help relieve some muscle soreness


Calm Your Mind

Stretching for a short 10-15 minutes can actually calm your mind, give you a mental break, and let your body take a moment to recharge.


I came across these stretches on pinterest and thought they were some you can easily do, and it really does a great job of showing you what muscles you are actually stretching.

We would love for you to comment with your favorite stretching or cool down routine.




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