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JP’s Thoughts

These were my least favorite pirates to watch since the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out in 2017 (Curse of the Black Pearl is the best in the series btw)

The only pirating being done Saturday was me stealing my parents Peacock login info just so I could watch the game itself.

Oof. What a game.

McCarthy looked sharp, 26/30 298 yards and three scores is a heck of a game.

But it’s East Carolina.

They lost their best WR, RB, and QB. This isn’t the same team as last year that went 8-5.

Michigan still looked as good as advertised.

And they will continue to do so against UNLV.

Harbaugh can sit on his couch with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos for another week while McCarthy & Co trot out in unison with their 4 fingers thrusted in the sky to show the world that the punishment, they implemented on themselves, is UNFAIR.

Oops, did I say that out loud?

Oh well.

Go Bucks!

Jace’s Thoughts

“Our kicking was a bit inconsistent.”

If that’s my only negative from Michigan’s opening weekend, that’s a great sign. 

It’s not like we were in a dogfight with a subpar opponent into the fourth quarter.
Or our top wideout had two catches.
Or our two quarterback system was dismal.

Couldn’t be us.

JJ McVisor™ was red hot.
Roman Wilson’s trio of touchdowns was *chef’s kiss*.
Blake Corum still looks explosive. 

Did we learn a ton about Michigan from the ECU game?
Will we learn a ton about Michigan from the UNLV game?

But maybe yes to both?
We were promised a passing attack. We got one.
We were told McCarthy looked like a different QB. He does.

At the end of the day, you just want your team winning football games.
But it’s great if they can look great doing it.
And they did.

And I would much rather have a yawn of a game in which the team looks great
than be scratching my head at halftime in Bloomington. 

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