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JP’s Thoughts

If you listen close enough you can hear TTUN fans chattering on and on about how McCord and the Buckeyes haven’t played anybody, and that McCord has been “Mid” *peers over at Jace*

They’re starting to get a little nervous.

Week after week, the Buckeyes have grown. Offensively they are starting to click. McCord and Harrison Jr have established a connection that looks dangerous. Defensively they look as impressive as ever. This team is becoming a team that could spoil the dreams TTUN has had since last season.

And they know it.

This Saturday the Buckeyes make the trip to South Bend to face off against a new and improved Notre Dame squad hungry for revenge after a week 1 loss last year at the Shoe.

It’s time for the Buckeyes to silence the rest of the nation.

Walk out of that game victorious and earn the respect of the College Football world.

Then we can sit back, relax, and laugh while you hear the Michigan faithful cry about how Notre Dame just wasn’t as good as everyone thought they were.

Go Bucks!

Ohio State 38 Notre Dame 31

Jace’s Thoughts


It’s a modern miracle. 

Playing the nation’s 126th ranked defense was all it took to restore Ohio State arrogance.

“Playing a JUCO-level defense doesn’t magically fix our problems,” the logical fan would say.

But you can’t logic with these people.

“Kyle McCord is better than JJ McCarthy,” is a real, actual take that’s being repeated in Buckeyeland.
Never mind his two B1G rings, two CFP appearances, and 2-0 record against Ohio State.
That type of logic has no place here.

Kyle McCord beat Western Kentucky and is now a Heisman favorite.
JJ McCarthy should probably be benched for Jayden Denegal.
It’s amazing he’s even allowed on the team anymore.

This is why whenever those “worst fans in America” polls roll out, Ohio State is consensus #1.
A ho-hum quarterback found an uncovered Marvin Harrison Jr.? Let’s book flights to Houston!

It’s arrogance without anything to back it up. They don’t know what to do without it.
It’s why they’ll insist on telling you the Michigan game wasn’t actually a blowout in Columbus.
Actually it was a one-score game in the fourth quarter for an entire eleven seconds. So there.

That arrogance makes the whole dead-eyed-stare-into-space-while-contemplating-life’s-fleeting-existence after a loss that much sweeter.

I ordered that dead-eyed stare on Amazon. Should be arriving Saturday night.
Here’s hoping Sam Hartman delivers.


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