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JP’s Thoughts

Don’t be deceived.

Michigan plays football a lot like when you’re first learning to drive.

Slow on the gas, taking turns cautiously, making sure the seat and mirrors are positioned just right before putting the car into drive.

And as the game goes on, it all changes.

They get more comfortable, they speed up a little, maybe throw on their favorite playlist, and they begin to cruise.

They realize they’re in control, they’re in the driver’s seat, and they can take the car wherever they want to go.

Don’t let their recent slow starts trick you into thinking this football team isn’t dangerous.

They’ll be quick to remind you.

Ohio State better show up ready for a drag race come November.

Or they’ll be left in the dust.

Go Bucks!

Michigan 42 Nebraska 6

Jace’s Thoughts

Michigan avoiding Another Dumb Rutgers Game™ was greatly appreciated.
Especially when the first 60 seconds looked like we were in for yet another.

But Michigan did what Michigan does.

The Wolverines offense has been hard to figure out thus far.
Kirk Herbstreit nailed it when he said they haven’t lived up to the explosiveness yet.
Overall, that’s fair.

The first couple weeks were lights out.
Since then, it’s been slower than most fans would like.

But this is Michigan doing what Michigan does.

The passing attack is vastly improved. It’s a far more dynamic offense.
But the Michigan Method hasn’t changed.
They’ll run the ball down your throat until you cry uncle.
The new wrinkle is that, should you stack to stop the run, JJ will light you up.

So no. It’s not 50+ points a game.
It doesn’t have to be.

Michigan’s offense is methodical, but highly-efficient.
Michigan’s defense has been nothing but suffocating.

And that won’t change this week.


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