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Working Out At The Park | Healthy Lifestyles

We’ve been having some pretty gorgeous weather lately, and it’s only going to get better. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your family or to get some serious workouts in right after work, we’ve got a great list of parks and trails for you – no matter what level of fitness. Plus check out some park workout ideas at the bottom.


The Scioto Mile | Central Columbus
If you want to feel the heartbeat of the city while you workout, here’s your place. The Greenways Recreational Trails are referred to as the “spine” of the Scioto Mile and give you some variety of walking, biking, and running distances, ranging from 1/2-mile to 4-mile sections. Looking to mix it up? Try the Audubon. Kayak, play volleyball, do the obstacle course, or climb the largest free outdoor climbing wall in the country.

Pick a Greenways Trail Head.
Go to the Audubon


Highbanks Metro Park | North Columbus
Even on a busy day, there still seems to be so much space for walking and running at Highbanks with all its intersecting paths. It’s just 10 minutes North of I-270. You’ll find stunning trails and overlooks, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of one of the bald eagles. Highbanks has some good hills for walking and running, which will help build leg strength and aerobic fitness.

See Trail Distances.
Go to Highbanks.


Three Creeks Metro Park | South Columbus
Located just south of town, Three Creeks is where Blacklick Creek, Alum Creek and the Big Walnut meet before joining with the Scioto. A majority of the paths here are paved (which is always a plus) and aren’t as crowded as some of the others. This is the perfect place to grab your family for a fun leisurely stroll.

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Go to Three Creeks


Olentangy  Trail | North Columbus to Central Columbus
This is one of the most popular bike trails in Ohio, stretching from Worthington to the Scioto. This path is jam packed in the evenings and weekends, so be prepared to say “on your left” more than normal. Despite the busyness, it’s still a beautiful route. If you’re looking for a shorter distance close-by, head to Antrim Park for the 1.2 mile loop.

If you really want to get to the Worthington starting point of the path, drive to the Hills Market, and in between the BP and Marathon gas stations, a small road leads back to the start of the trail. You’ll likely see some cars parked there with bike racks on the back to let you know you’re in the right place!


Blendon Woods Metro Park | East Columbus
This park is a little more secluded and little less-traveled than parks like Highbanks, so you’ll get a more peaceful walk with more wildlife while you workout. Plus running on some of the gravel paths can increase your coordination and balance.

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Go to Blendon.


Sharon Woods Metro Park | Northeast Columbus
If you’re looking for a nice 4 mile loop, this is your spot. A nice perk of this park is that most of the paths are paved. There’s plenty of shade, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, there are even a couple hills for you to enjoy.

See Trail Distances.
Go to Sharon Woods.


Slate Run Metro Park | South Columbus
For all of you living in South Columbus, this is for you! It’s worth the drive to Canal Winchester, and here’s why: the amazing trails and spectacular overlooks.

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Go to Slate Run.


Batelle Darby Metro Park | West Columbus
If you’re on the West side, try these crushed gravel trails that span over 18 miles. While you’re enjoying your time on the trails, be sure to check out the herd of bison (they are in a safely cornered off area) and tons of other species of fish and some awesome hills!

See Trail Distances.
Go to Batelle Darby.




Park Bench Series (beginner-moderate)
Cardio Bootcamp (moderate-advanced)
Swingset Workout (just plain funny)
Walking Workout (for anyone)
Running Workout (beginners)


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