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Workout at the Pool

Summer is extremely busy and, when you’re sweaty and it’s beyond humid outside, the last thing you feel like doing is working out. The great news is you can still get an intense and amazing work out while you cool off at the pool.  Here are some easy exercises from for you to try the next time you head to the pool.


Warm Up: Regardless of what type of exercise you are doing, warming up is so important. Take a couple of minutes to walk around the shallow end of the pool, swing your arms back and forth to begin to get those muscles warmed up.


Sidestepping: Face the pool wall. Take large sideways steps with your body and toes facing the wall. Take 10-20 steps in 1 direction and then return. Repeat twice in each direction.


Hip kickers at pool wall: Stand with the pool wall to one side of your body for support. Move 1 leg in a forward direction with the knee straight, like you are kicking. Return to start. Then move the same leg to the side, and return to the start position. Lastly, move that same leg behind you. Repeat 3 sets of 10 and switch the kicking leg.


Push-ups: While standing in the pool by the pool side, place arms shoulder width apart on pool edge. Press weight through your hands and raise your body up and half way out of the water, keeping elbows slightly bent. Hold 3 seconds and slowly lower back into pool. (Easier variation: Wall push up on side of pool: place hands on edge of pool shoulder width apart, bend elbows, and lean chest toward the pool wall.)


Tick Tock Hop: Bring your feet together and begin to jump from side to side in the shallow end of the pool. Do this for about 2 minutes


Flutter Kick: Move to the edge of the pool in the shallow end and hold onto the edge of the pool with your arms extended while you are on your stomach. Begin to kick your legs quickly just as you did when you first learned how to swim. Maintain the kicks for a full two minutes while trying to focus on keeping the same speed the entire time.


Bicycle: Turn around with your back against the side of the pool. Outstretch your arms on the edge of the pool and allow your legs to float. Begin performing a pedal motion just as you would if you were riding a bike just at the surface of the water. Bike in the water for 2 minutes while focusing on maintaining the same speed.


Crunch: From the bicycle position, extend your legs in front of you keeping your feet together. Pull both knees into your chest and return them to the extended position. Continue this for 2 minutes focusing on the full movement in and out during the exercise.


Cool Down: Once you have completed your crunches, stop and allow your legs to move under you until you are standing again in the pool. Begin to walk around slowly while swinging your arms in the water, cooling your muscles down in the process.


As you continue to do these exercises you will become stronger and need to increase intervals to what you are comfortable with. If you’re a good swimmer you can also add some laps around the pool as well to get more of a workout and increase endurance.


If you have any other exercises you love to do that aren’t on the list, share them in the comments below.




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